Beauty tools are an important part of the overall result of a look. Everyone wants to look their best but using dirty tools can ruin the results you have put so much effort into achieving. It is important to learn how to properly clean your tools for your health and your best self. 

Makeup brushes are some of the most important tools you must maintain clean. Unless you have a large collection of brushes, dedicate a specific time to clean them when you’re not in a rush. Wet them with cold water, making sure all the bristles are soaked. Use a dab of gentle shampoo or detergent to swish it through the entire brush, making sure it gets into the center where most makeup tends to accumulate. You can even use a textured silicon matt to get a deeper cleanse. Rinse with water until it comes out clear and you can see it is clean. Gently squeeze the water and keep them laying as flat as possible on top of a clean towel. Allow them to air dry at least overnight before using again. 

An eyelash curler is one of those tools you are constantly using but you never think of cleaning. Mascara, eyeliner, and bacteria collect on the surface, which is not good to preserve good eye health. Leftover mascara gets sticky, and it may get stuck to your lashes when using the curler, which causes the curler to rip them off. Try to clean it at least once a week. Use a cotton pad with makeup remover to get rid of mascara or eyeliner and follow up with another cotton round with some rubbing alcohol to get rid of any leftover bacteria. 

Hairbrushes are a beauty tool that is often neglected and not cleaned. They collect oil dirt, dead skin, and hair products between the bristles. Keeping a clean hairbrush is so important to have healthy hair. Remove all the hairs that may be stuck with your fingers or with tweezers. Dampen the brush with water and work in a bit of shampoo. Fill a sink or bowl or large container with warm water and allow the brush or comb to soak for fifteen minutes. Rinse well and allow to air dry on a clean towel. 

Curling and flat irons can form a buildup of hair spray and other hair products. These tools can’t be soaked in water and can’t be scrubbed. Make sure your tool is unplugged and completely cool. Use a cotton pad with some rubbing alcohol to dissolve any sticky buildups and to kill any bacteria that the tools may have. Wipe them with a dry cloth to remove any other dust or hair products that may be left.