Power generators fall into this weird category where people don’t think they need them, and then wish they had one when use for it comes along. Having the ability to have power in any situation is not only a really handy thing, but it can also save you from an emergency. Many people ask, what are power generators used for though? Here are some of the many uses you can get if you plan on shopping for a generator.

Power Outages

The first and most obvious use for a power generator would be to supply power to your home when the power goes out. This is incredibly useful as if you were doing something important, you can easily continue on with it. Routine power outages are fairly common, especially in certain areas, so if you want to get rid of the inconvenience, you should consider investing in one. What type of generator should you get? Well, that all depends on how much power you need for your home. If you plan on using everything within your home during an outage, you are going to need a large generator. If you are going to be limiting things, however, you then have to calculate how much you would need. There are many websites that will tell you everything you need to know about generators and how much power you will need for your home. This will easily help you figure out what you need for your home. Say goodbye to routine outages if you plan on investing in a good generator.

Emergency Situations

While routine power outages are inconvenient, at no point are you in a position where you are fearing for your life. In emergency situations, however, having power can be the difference between life and death. If you are in an area that is prone to disasters and serious weather, you should definitely consider getting yourself a generator. It will give you a level of disaster preparedness and help you tackle anything that comes your way. If you have anyone else in your family, the supplied power will allow them to occupy themselves during this serious time while you figure out what to do. Along with that, having a generator means you can stay informed about what is happening outside, and provide you with the opportunity to charge your cell phones. You are not prepared for serious emergencies if you don’t have a generator in your home.


Camping and getting away from the city can be fantastic, but going a few days without power can get old really quickly. While you definitely want to get away from everything, you still might have to check in on work or get a few updates on your phone. If you don’t have any electricity with you, you are going to be stuck rationing the battery life of your phone. When it comes to preparing and bringing food, you are also severely limited in your options if you don’t have a source of power that can be used to preserve things. Bringing a generator camping opens up a whole lot of options for you. Some people might say you are ruining the experience, but that is not true. It is up to you to determine when you want to use the generator, and having it there even in the case of an emergency is a step in the right direction.


If you have planned a big event, the last thing you need is for something to come along and ruin it. Imagine if your wedding was cut short due to a power shortage at the reception. Having a small back-up generator on hand can ensure that celebrations and events continue, even if power is out in the area. If you are doing your best to prepare for the worst in your event, why haven’t you considered getting a generator?


Going to see a football game is a full experience. Not only is the game itself a great time, but the tailgating and partying before help to make it that much better. Bringing a generator to a tailgate party will allow you to cook up whatever food you like, blast whatever music you want, and keep all of your drinks cold. You haven’t had a fantastic tailgate experience till you’ve used a generator for one.


These are all practical usages for a generator. While you hope you never have to use a generator, having one on standby can greatly help any situation you are in. It is better to have a generator and not need to use it than to be wishing and hoping you have power in a certain situation. Why do you want to buy a generator?