For many, working out at home has become a newfound ritual since the call for mandatory lockdowns last March. With at-home workouts becoming more and more necessary, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that some spice to our fitness routines is much needed. Fitness accessory brand, Bala, has been able to revive at-home fitness with its uniquely designed fitness accessories. 

In 2018, Bala started out on a mission to change how fitness accessories were used by focusing on design functionality. Bala Bangles are the product that started the brand’s movement and are what’s made the brand a fast-growing success. The functionality and stylish design of the Bala Bangles are what has made them a must-have for gym-addicts and gym-newbies alike. The Bala Bangles are weighted bands, and when worn, they can dial-up the benefits of all forms of exercise. The best part about Bala Bangles is how it can make any activity into a workout; whether you’re tidying up or taking a walk, the resistance provided by Bala Bangles allows you to fit a workout into your busy schedule. The following are a few of my favourite fitness accessories by Bala.

Bala Bars 

Whether you’re watching TV or listening to your favourite podcast, the Bala Bars are designed to be easily used while you indulge in your favourite pastimes. The Bala Bars are Bala’s take on the traditional dumbbells; only Bala’s fresh interpretation will make you want to workout. The Bala Bars retail for CAD $73.53.

Bala Bangles

The functionality and sleek design of this product will allow you to fit in a workout even on the busiest of days, so how can it not be a must-have? The Bala Bangles retail from CAD $53.48 to $86.91, depending on what weight you choose.

Bala Bands | Set of 5 

These fitness accessories are not something you can find in your local fitness store, as the Bala Bands are not like your typical resistance bands. Coming in packs of five, the Bala Bands provide a range of resistance, allowing you to choose how hard you want to work on your body. The Bala Bands retail for CAD $26.74.