The digital age we are living in has provided us with many incredible devices and technology that are making our lives so much easier. It’s very easy to get caught up in this way of life, and sometimes, that’s not the best thing. However, our lives became much busier too and more hectic. When Covid-19 hit the world strong and fast, and during the lockdown, we all realized that we are missing out on a lot and that we need to slow down a little and enjoy the time we spend with our family and friends. 

In this article, we will show you how you can make a custom quiz to have fun with your friends or family members.

Choose a Topic

Of course, the first thing you need to think about is the topic. It should be a topic that would interest the whole group, something that everyone would enjoy, and have some information about like a show that everyone enjoys watching movies, cartoons, or sports. There are many topics that you can choose from; however, you have to make sure that everyone playing would enjoy the topic. While conventional topics are still enjoyable, out-of-the-box topics are even better!

Prepare Interesting Questions

After choosing the topic, it is time to prepare the questions. When you are preparing the questions, try to come up with interesting ones. Avoid boring questions to keep people engaged and excited. Have people guessing by asking fun and interesting questions. Adding some jokes related to the topic would be a good idea too! To keep your audience on their feet, you need to be diverse. Prepare a wide range of questions. 

Don’t Make Thing Too Hard or Too Easy

Remember that the main purpose of the quiz is to have fun and spend some quality time together. Therefore, the questions shouldn’t be too hard that people would get frustrated or too easy to the point that players would get bored playing. As demonstrated by, having different levels ranging from easy to hard keeps it interesting, so questions should be challenging yet not impossible to answer. However, you need to add a couple of easy questions to motivate players. 

The Type of Questions

Most of the quizzes are multiple-choice questions. However, you can change the type of questions if you want. Be creative. You can allow players to use books or the internet and set the timer, for example. Whatever you choose to do, keep the quiz fun and immersive.


Do you remember how happy you were when you were a little kid and just got rewarded for getting a good grade or answering a tricky question in class? Well, we never grow out of it. We still have this little kid inside of us that gets excited when promised a reward. Therefore, have some incentives and prizes for good players. This will make players happier and more excited.

Prepare Answers

When all of the players are done with answering the questions, hand them the right answers with their score. Moreover, you can add a short sentence describing why the right answer is right. This way, aside from the fun part, players will add to their knowledge about the topic. 

It Is Just a Game

Remember that at the end of the day, it is just a game! The main purpose of the quiz is to spend a good time with your friends and your family members. Make sure that players don’t get too competitive or aggressive. It is your quiz and your rules, so make sure that the rules are fair and fun.

When it comes to games and quizzes, you can be creative as much as possible. You can even create an online quiz if you want! No matter how you choose to create your custom quiz, it should be fun and entertaining starting from the topic to the last question. The first thing you need to prepare is the topic, then set a diverse range of fun questions that are not too hard or boringly easy to answer. Then, choose the type of questions and a description of the right answers as it is always a good thing to learn something new. Before you start playing, show players the best player rewards to get them more excited and engaged. 

Whether you choose a conventional topic like animals, music, movies, video games, and tv shows, or out-of-the-box topics like a personalized quiz about your family or school, custom quizzes would be a great opportunity to bond and spend quality time with your loved ones.