As we start the New year strong and determined, we might waver along the way as life started to get into the way such as workload from work, busy schedules and so on. Feeling discouraged you realize you have not achieved any of your new year goals with the year winding down soon. it is never too late to accomplish these goals, so let’s dust off that list and RESET our goals in the following ways: 


  1. Reevaluate: The first step is reflecting and looking back on our goal list at the beginning of the year by thinking about the reasons for choosing these goals, and why was it not achievable. From there, come up with new ways to accomplish these goals and then set out to achieve them, making sure you are tackling your goals at the right time and your goals are in line with your beliefs and values

  2. Time Management is Key: After reevaluation of your 2021 goals, learning how to manage your time and goals is crucial. Delegating and learning not to beat yourself up over the possibility of having to start over is so important to the process. You can do this by noting down why you did not achieve these goals earlier in the year, finding new ways to achieve those goals, and making sure you approach these goals with a fresh and new mindset. Clearing your headspace will motivate you more to reach those goals.

  3. Find Things that Motivates You: Now that we are midway through 2021, it’s crunch time. Let’s this crunch time serve as your countdown and motivation towards a specific deadline. Having a deadline can motivate you to be more specific and intentional about your goals and to be realistic about what you may need to let go of or save for next year.

  4. Take Specific Steps: The steps you take must be specific to accomplish these goals by asking yourself these questions:
    • By the date set, what will I do specifically to reach my goals?
    • What will my outcome need to be?
    • Are there any other factors that may hinder me from reaching my goals?

With the question in mind, make sure your goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Sensitive)

Published on HOLR Magazine