An important rule when it comes to fashion is to always remain open to versatility. Like trends, the times are constantly changing. 

cover photo: British Vogue 

Menswear is the touch of masculinity that, when met with femininity, can create a charmingly-chic look. Oversized blazers, baggy graphic tees, pantsuits, and slouchy boyfriend jeans are all the rage right now. No matter your style, every woman should try to incorporate pieces of menswear into their wardrobe. Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you can’t shop in the men’s section— you never know what you might find. 

Once upon a time, women were rarely spotted in suits or blazers, it was either solely dresses or skirts. Thankfully we are evolving and, more often than not, we are seeing female celebrities rock sophisticated pantsuits and blazers on red carpets. After all, anything boys can do, girls can do better—am I right, ladies? 

Some noteworthy celebrities that have been known to break through fashion gender norms are Diane Keaton, Annie Lennox, Winona Ryder, Madonna, Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen Page, and Janelle Monae. These are just a few of many iconic women who have been effectively changing the game. It’s always exciting to witness women defy mainstream standards.


Menswear/unisex clothing has recently been rising in streetwear style. There’s something about the right amount of baggy, the comfort of oversized, and the perfect tucked-in look that can really make someone look effortlessly chic. When browsing around, try to stay on the monochromatic side of things—blacks, whites, and neutrals. Let the accessorizing do the talking when dressing up menswear. For example, masculine muted tones can be contrasted with delicate feminine jewelry to bring balance to an outfit.

Don’t let your look get too sloppy, make sure you obtain the right size that allows for just enough oversizing. When shopping for items like blazers and pants, many women’s clothing retailers carry these menswear-inspired options. Make sure to go a size bigger if it’s too fitted, or perhaps look for “oversized fit,” if that’s what you’re going for.