Turntable stands are more than just functional furniture for any vinyl enthusiast. They are a passion that stretches from the inventors’ love for vinyl records with the special sounds they offer and high-quality woodworking. Blending these passions, offers high-quality turntable stands that enhance vinyl enthusiasts’ listening experience.

The founders of these record player stands with high-quality vinyl storage capabilities grew up in the 60s with vinyl. That means they have a deeper affinity for the mid-century style and format. In recent years, vinyl and turntable stands have experienced a resurgence in popularity, and oshoom is dedicated to offering high-quality furniture that perfectly blends function and form.

Many units are available, all designed and created to meet the needs of different individuals, record collections, and living spaces. While any solid surface or cabinet can make a great vinyl storage space, there are numerous benefits to picking a dedicated record player stand. So, how do you shop for a top-quality turntable stand? Let’s find out!

Features to Look For

Finding a record player stand that meets all your needs and requirements, including a dedicated vinyl storage space, can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know the features to look out for, which include:

Quality Materials

The record player stand’s material plays a vital role when it comes to determining its feel and look. Turntable stands are made from different materials, including:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • High-quality wood.

Most vinyl lovers prefer stands made from high-quality woods such as maple, walnut, and cherry. These woods are, in most cases, used in handcrafted furniture. They are popular with vinyl lovers since they add richness and warmth to any room.

Also, using dense hardwoods offers better stability, making sure that your record player stand is excellently supported and vibrations are isolated effectively.

Style Design

A stylish design can significantly enhance the overall feel and look of your turntable stand. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a vintage-inspired, a more contemporary and minimalist, or a mid-century style; choose a record player stand that perfectly complements your personal style and décor.

Consider the finish, color, and overall design components and elements of your stand to make sure it blends effortlessly with your room décor and the rest of your furniture. Also, the style should complement your turntable.

Stable Construction

Pick a stand with sturdy and stable construction to ensure your records and turntables are well-protected and secure from vibrations and accidental bumps. Choose turntable stands built with solid construction, sturdy feet or legs, and strong joinery.

Cable Management

Cable management is also a vital consideration to keep your record player stand setup looking more organized and neat. Go for stands with enough and dedicated vinyl storage spaces and channels or openings for routing cables through to sidestep unsightly cable clutter.

Adjustable Shelves

With adjustable shelves, your turntable stand can accommodate different turntables in terms of shapes and sizes. Additionally, adjustable shelves offer much-needed flexibility when it comes to organizing your vinyl collection. But, there is one major concern, which is stability and vibration isolation.

It’s vital to consider their effect on your stand’s overall stability. When you go for a record player stand with adjustable shelves, ensure it’s designed to reduce the risk of undesirable vibrations significantly.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the features discussed above, you also need to pick the right size stand for your turntable. With the right size, you’ll enjoy your stand’s functionality and aesthetic. When selecting the right size, you need to consider:

  • Turntable size
  • Room size
  • Furniture style preference
  • Storage requirements
  • Height of the stand

By considering these features and factors, you can pick a record player stand that blends smoothly with your room, personal style, and turntable.

Published by HOLR Magazine.