Entertaining is stressful enough, whether it is worrying about guest lists or crafting the perfect menu—add on entertaining sustainably and it can get overwhelming quickly.

Ran Goel, CEO and Founder of Fresh City Farms, is an expert on how to demystify the process and discuss how to throw a stress-free, sustainable soiree.

Since 2011, Fresh City Farms has farmed at Downsview Park, in Toronto. They grow organically on two acres of land and in a greenhouse, and they run farm tours, events & workshops.

It is important to keep sustainability in mind 24/7. But, it is completely understandable that in the midst of the holiday craziness, sometimes it can get hard to do so. Ran Goel is the go-to person to ask questions, resolve doubts, and get tips on how to host a sustainable party.

Sustainable Holiday Party Questions Answered By Ran Goel From Fresh City Farms

Ran Goel Fresh City Farms

What are some sustainable choices someone can make when hosting a holiday party?

In most senses, eating during the holidays is no different than eating on any other day. Try to eat food grown or processed locally. Focus on organic ingredients from the veggies to the grains and to animal proteins. Choose more plant-based foods and fewer animal proteins. We have wonderful plant-based options available for delivery that make hosting stress-free, like Mabel’s Vegan Tourtiere.

How can food waste from holiday dinner parties be reduced?

Virtually every leftover item on your plate (or pot) has an afterlife. A few quick pointers: the road to reducing food waste often leads through soup, the freezer is your best friend, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

What are some sustainable gift options to consider during the season?

If you are going to buy a physical item, try to make it something that either has the potential to be used over and over again or something that is timeless. For example, a unique tamper for the espresso lover or a fair-trade cotton shirt for the fashionista. Also, think about whether there is a service you can get them to help them lead a more sustainable life—maybe a CSA produce box subscription from a local farm. Finally, and my personal favourite, buy them experiences whenever possible. These are often more sustainable than a physical gift and can be more memorable. For example, last year I took my daughter to a sneaker painting class which was a riot.

Why is it important to keep sustainability in mind during this time of the year?

The holidays are a time when many of us try to transcend ourselves to focus on community, charity and family. It is a natural time to reflect on how we can lead a life that is kinder to present and future generations.


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