When people want to spend some time with their friends, they usually plan to meet at a bar or a restaurant. And you can see why they do that — those places can be a lot of fun! However, it can also be just as much fun to mix things up and do something different from time to time. Looking at alternative activities to do with your friends will keep things fresh and help prevent stagnation. Need inspiration? Check out the three activities that we outline below.

Getting Competitive

If you’re socialising with good friends, why not make things interesting by adding a competitive twist? A games night can be a lot of fun, in large part because there’s no shortage of games you can play. You can keep things classic by playing board games such as Monopoly or Trivial Pursuits, or you could get out playing decks and have a night of casino games. If you’re playing for real, make sure you first play for free to get some practice playing the card games beforehand. Then, just avoid inviting any super competitive people — the evening should, after all, be about having fun!

Potluck Dinners

You don’t always have to go to a restaurant and pay someone else to feed you and your clan. Instead, you can all make the food yourself. This sounds like work, but it’s not really. All you need to do is ask everyone to prepare one dish (some organisation is necessary to prevent everyone from bringing the same food), and that’s it. You’ll get to see the creations — not to mention the hard work — of your friends. Some food will suck, some will be delicious! Another option is to have a homemade sushi night, where everyone makes their favourite kind; it can be a lot of fun! 

Nighttime Adventures

Finally, who says that you need to stay in all night? And no, we don’t mean heading out on the town. What about a nighttime hike? If you live near a nature area and have enough head torches and warm clothing, this will be a great option. And if you want to really step it up, then consider a nighttime cross-country skiing adventure. Your friends will give you weird looks when you first suggest it, but they’ll change their tune once they’re back. Everyone loves going on an adventure from time to time, especially in the snow!

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