As we are all planning our summer drink features, we wanted to share with you some SoCIAL Lite Vodka’s new flavours that are exposing the sugar content in traditional ciders and lemonades.

SoCIAL LITE Vodka Sodas are naturally refreshing and naturally guilt-free. Their drinks deliver a crisp, clean taste without any sugar, sweetener, or artificial ingredients. All of their drinks are also gluten-free with 0 sugar and 0 carbs and two sizes, 473 ml and 355 ml. 

Since most socializing will be happening outside again this summer, it’s great that they launched these new flavours such as the company’s first-ever lemonade and the first and only Apple Vodka Soda in Ontario now in stores. 

Pink Lemonade vodka soda. Pink Eureka lemons add a surprising hint of sweetness to the citrus flavour of the lemon. 

Blackberry Lemonade vodka soda. Sweet, slightly tart with a juicy blackberry flavour. 

Mango Lemonade vodka soda. A sweet ripe mango aroma and a zesty lemonade finish.

The new Social Lite Lemonade Vodka Soda Mixer 12-pack contains all three lemonade vodka sodas in a 355ml size with 0 sugar, 100% natural flavor, 5% alc./vol. and 100 calories.

Orchard Apple vodka soda. A blend of premium Canadian vodka, sparkling water and juicy green apple flavor, a delightful sweet and tart vodka soda with a smooth and sweet pear taste to finish. This vodka soda is 0 sugar, only 80 calories and 4% alc./vol.

Peach vodka soda. Perfect for summer, It’s like biting into a fresh peach. Sweet, juicy, and full of flavour! This vodka soda is 0 sugar, only 80 calories, and 4% alc./vol.

More of their flavours here: Triple Berry, Blood Orange, Field Strawberry, Pineapple Mango, Grapefruit Pomelo, Lime Ginger, and Orange. 

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