Ready, set, dress up! With fall looming and ready to envelop the atmosphere, our closets are certainly due for an upgrade. Thanks a bunch to the galore, up-to-date influencers; because of their standard fashion consciousness, we don’t have to crack our brains when deciding what sartorial pieces to put together. 

You might think that all of the clothes you buy and wear are entirely your own unique flair but believe you me, what we see on the runways, social media and on the streets has a large contribution towards determining our taste & constantly sways our buying decision(s). And don’t we just love it when we see new & creative ways to adorn ourselves? Here are some that have us all wrapped up currently. 


Low Rise jeans 

Yeap! You read that right, this 00s number has made a comeback as it has never left. Supermodels like Bella Hadid have been spotted many times rocking this classic. Stars who have also hopped onto this trend are Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa, so if these powerhouses have set the tone, the majority of ladies are bound to adhere to it!


Every city can claim knitwear as their clothing staple during fall; that is just how popular they are! We are accustomed to them being draped with just a singular colour, however this year they come in multiple bright colours and are sewn with various shapes, giving them a distinct look that is somewhere between modernity and antiquity. 

Suit Coats

We all know how fickle the temperatures can be during fall, so you need to be armed with a warm yet elegant coat and what better option than the one that extends all the way to the ankles. Unlike the maxi coats that we are used to, these blazers are revamped in that they are either paired with cropped pants or a dress and boots. Global designer, Jason Wu showcased this in his recent collection. 

Various Jumpsuits

It’s highly likely that you have a jumpsuit or two in your closet but an addition or two won’t hurt, instead, it will spice things up & give you a variety of choices to pick from when going out. An added advantage is that they can be styled in multiple ways like wearing them with heels, adorning them with a belt or accessorizing it with subtle jewellery. However, you are not obliged to do so because a jumpsuit on its own chants a bold statement. 

Tie wrap front top & wide leg trouser

Take up space with this red number – it will introduce your loving & courageous nature even before you speak. Its silky texture will keep you at a moderate temperature throughout the day. 


Geometric Knitwear

See what I meant about knitwear being a broad staple, even on the male side, it is essential. Not to be corny but a matching outfit with your partner in these classics would be a hit! The Go runway displayed oversized colourful silhouettes of this jersey. 

Pastel Colours

What was initially considered as a feminine colour has been on the rise for men recently. Top designers like Prada have been dressing their clients in colours like pink; with Drake being right at the forefront of this movement. I for one am looking forward to trying this on! 


What is fall without these? Our sophisticated gents have been showing us stylish ways to dress them up – with simple chinos, leather or velvet jacket

DIOR And Kenny Scharf blanket

These eminent artists collaborated and ascertained that their work stands out! One of the masterpieces being this woven fabric that spread over the upper part of your body. So, fellows, we are ditching jerseys for this dreamy craft right? 

Checked Coat

This pattern went truant for some time but it is back and this time its patterns are disparate. They can be styled with a plain t-shirt (black or white).

But you obviously need to be somewhere when rocking these outfits right? Dive into this HOLR Piece to get an idea of what fun fall activities you can try out. 


Published by HOLR Magazine