We sat down with Influencer Kosta Williams to talk about fashion, career advice, and inspirations. The Blogger Empitomizes the Style of the Modern Man.

Interview by: Julia Shelton


HOLR: What triggered your strong interest in fashion?

KW: I’ve always been interested in fashion. As a little boy, I would take my mother’s sewing machine and tried altering my jeans and T-shirts. I never had an eccentric taste in fashion, but I always wanted to look different, cooler than others.

HOLR: Is blogging your full-time job?

KOSTA WILLIAMS: I don’t like to call myself a blogger but I do this 24/7. I have been doing it for four years and I started while working my other job. It has always been a big passion of mine. At the
beginning it was hard, because I was working full-time. But a year ago I finally quit my job to focus on my Instagram presence. I find you can never be good at something if you’re not fully focused on it. I never started with the intention of being an “Influencer.” However, I’m
very happy that people see me as an inspiration. That’s what I always wanted — to give people some inspiration for their outfits.

HOLR: How does travelling influence your style?

KOSTA WILLIAMS: Travelling influences my style a lot. If you visit places like NY, London or Paris, you get a lot of inspiration from all of the different looks. Every country and more so every city has its own vibe.

HOLR: Favourite brand right now and why?

KOSTA WILLIAMS: I think Sandro Paris is my favourite brand right now. I love the minimalistic style that they offer, which comes with unique accents. It is also great quality. I think it really evokes my style 100 per cent.

HOLR: When do you feel most inspired?

KOSTA WILLIAMS : I always feel inspired. I think everything brings you inspiration. whether you are surfing the Internet, listening to the radio, drinking a coffee in your favourite spot or just watching people passing by. Inspiration is everywhere —  it just matters what your own creativity makes of it!

HOLR: Advice for someone wanting to pursue a career in fashion blogging, or becoming an influencer?

KOSTA WILLIAMS: That’s the most common question people ask me in my DMs,  “how can I become like you?”, “how can I be like you?”
I know that our lifestyle always looks pretty cool, but it`s not always as it seems. There is always a lot of work behind every process. I always try to deliver high quality photos and that is not always easy, because your followers want to see you daily, in a new outfit, a cool spot or whatever.

First of all I think it’s really important that the kids or the people who want to pursue a career as a blogger or an influencer should really love what they do. It`s the same thing as in every other job, DO SOMETHING THAT YOU REALLY WANT. Not just something that you think can impress others. I always hate the fact that people think life is different when you have some followers.

Many of the young kids that have followers, feel or act like they’re rockstars. That’s why I don’t like most of the Instagram scene sometimes. Some people can be fake and think that they’re better than other people, just because they have some followers! Calm down guys, it’s just
Instagram…don’t forget that there’s also real life.

Kosta Williams is a German native fashion blogger and influencer. He’s truly a modern man and one to follow for endless inspiration if you’re looking for style inspo, and modern aesthetics. Check out his style on instagram @kosta_williams.

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