The festive season is upon us and this means family members coming over…Safely of course with adherence to Covid 19 protocols such as wearing your mask.

Interior spaces are all about an external expression of self through art but using a living space as a canvas. Now the festive season is a good excuse to change up the interior to accommodate the various designs that come with Christmas decorations. This year has been tough, and many have lost lives, family, jobs and homes. This year has highlighted the importance of gratitude that is absolutely necessary for life. Interior is the blood circulation circuit of the house. It brings life to the house whether it’s the kitchen or the basement. Interior designs can range from modern, to classic to traditional. Interior is not just about making the house look good or presentable. That is rather the end goal. However, to get started with the interior requires skill and precision. It is very easy to try to stick to the safe designs that you always go for. But the human brain is so responsive to change it can even affect our level of thinking. An example of this is that people who worked in brighter, clean and presentable offices showed a higher productivity rate than those in a dull, rigid and cluttered environment working space.  So if you have a home office you might want to brighten your space up to increase your productivity especially since this pandemic has made a lot of people work from home.

Now here are some tips to try for your living spaces from interior lifestyle magazines. In regards to the bedroom, psychologists recommend that the bedroom has to have neutral or calming colours as this a space to unwind and relax. You can select any colour you feel is calming. Lighting also plays a huge role in the bedroom as there are different levels of lighting that you select in terms of size and brightness. For the bedroom, it is recommended that you get lighting that is very low as this will signal the brain to calm down.

With the kitchen, it is recommended to play around with colour-coded themes of your choice. So by this means you can pair your lime green with turquoise or black with monochrome white. It is recommended that as much as it may seem cool to load the kitchen with the latest fancy gadgets but less is more. The kitchen is about functionality and simplicity as it makes it easier not only for cleaning purposes as the kitchen always gets dirty but it gives people the chance to take in the colour of the spaces. With outdoor areas like the patio or balcony, it’s advised to add elements of nature like living natural plants. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give a nature connection along with the external environment. You can never go wrong with a hammock on your bedroom balcony. It can allow for a good read outside