Rapper, singer, and songwriter, Zach Zoya’s career is taking off. The Canadian artist is set to release his debut EP Spectrum partnered with Universal Music Canada on October 30th.

Credit: Drowster

Raised in mostly French-speaking Rouyn-Noranda, his music taste grew to be diverse since childhood, consisting of African music and North American soul and pop, introduced to him by his South African father and French-Canadian mother. Before making his own music, Zoya began moulding his melody by covering songs by Drake and Kendrick Lamar. At the mere age of 22, Zoya’s latest singles have accumulated over 1 million streams, he’s played at events like the Festival d’Été du Québec.This Fall, Zoya’s singles were prominently featured within the national broadcasts of Games 3 and 5 of the NBA Playoff Series between the Toronto Raptors and the Boston Celtics and this Summer, Zoya was the first artist to be featured in the e-sports team Toronto Ultra’s Artist Spotlight series and to perform virtually for their Call of Duty League Home Series Weekend

Credit: Drowster

What is the reason behind your EP’s name, Spectrum?

The spectrum of light of comprised of many different colours. In that same sense, my EP incorporates many different styles that put together, form the “Spectrum” of my musical range. 

For instance, I’ll show a more vulnerable and emotional side on a song like “Pillz” and then go the total opposite way with a hype, arrogant and energetic song like “Slurpee”.

Who should listen to your EP? How would you describe your music to someone who has yet to listen to it?

Everyone should listen to my EP! I would describe my music as very diverse. I like to think there’s a song appropriate for every vibe on the tape. The style of the songs range from slow and melodic to fast-paced rap. 

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration to do what you do?

I would have to say my parents and siblings are my biggest source of inspiration. My whole family went to school pretty extensively. I tell myself, if I’m not to going to go that route, I better put twice as much effort into music. I can’t afford to treat it like a simple hobby. It gives me a little pressure. 

How would you describe your usual songwriting process?

I’m a pretty impulsive guy when it comes to songwriting. I really have to hear the beat right before recording and just go with what comes naturally. 

Did being in lockdown have an impact on your songwriting? Were you able to connect more with your writing? 

The lockdown just gave me more time to develop. A lot of fellow artists in the city were kind of in the same situation I was in so it gave me an opportunity to work with a bunch of people I probably wouldn’t have had the time to link up with if everything didn’t stop. 

Credit: Drowster

With French being your first language and your songs being in English, does this affect the way you write your music?

My French heritage definitely influences the way I write music. Because I’m bilingual, I consider sounds, melodies, and flow patterns over the actual lyrics when I first begin to write a song. Not to say I don’t think about the storyline part, I definitely do, but with the ability to write in two languages, the first thing that speaks to me is the sound that fits the flow of the melody best.

What is your favourite aspect of performing for an audience? 

Definitely their participation and energy. It’s always cool to see what part of the song people jam the most to. It’s like a stand-up comedian seeing people react to a punchline. 

What can you tell us about your new video for “Patience”?

Patience is my personal favourite off the EP. I was really glad we got to make the visual we created for it. The filming process was very intricate and complex one. I couldn’t thank GED (the director) and the whole CONSULAT team enough for how it turned out. Even though the days on set were long and intense, the whole team kept it very casual and made sure we had everything we needed. Nothing but great memories.

It was also a huge honour to get to work with Angel, who I’m a big fan of. He flew all the way from London just to with us for the music video!  Hopefully, we get to work again soon.

What will your next step be after the release?

I have a couple of performances coming up. Of course, everything takes time given the current circumstances with the pandemic, but I can’t really complain! I also have a lot more music coming as well. I have several collaborations in the bank and more music coming next year so stay tuned!