Is Drake single? HOLR breaks down the alleged rumor that’s going around involving the Canadian rapper supposedly dating Corinna Kopf.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @laurenisgossip, fans are speculating that Drake is dating internet celeb, Corinna Kopf.


Drake and Corinna Kopf spark dating rumors…I can actually see it tbh

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Allegedly, the two have been fueling dating rumors after Drake supposedly flew Corinna to stay with him. Fans allegedly noticed her – and her friend- in Drake’s recent Instagram stories. Supposedly, Corinna, Drake, and her friend supposedly called one of her friends who was streaming and you can also hear Drake’s voice during it.

Drake also posted this message online, as shown in the TikTok video, that further fueled dating rumors between the two.


Image Credit: TikTok @laurenisgossip

Nothing has been confirmed regarding whether or not the two are actually together, but the rumor mill is definitely churning!

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