Need more kitchen space? These space-saving kitchen items are just what you need.

Items to Invest in to Save Space in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the one part of the house that always gets messy. It’s the one section of the home that almost always runs out of space no matter how hard we try. The quick and easy solution is to… well, have more space. But obviously, not everyone has that luxury, so instead, invest in smart space-saving solutions! Lucky for you, I listed the best of the best, so keep reading! 

Magnetic Kitchen Rack

Items to Invest in to Save Space in Your Kitchen

Photo Credit: Wayfair

When in doubt, use vertical space. And when you lack counter space, utilize the fridge! This magnetic refrigerator kitchen rack can store paper towels, parchment paper, bottles of oil and vinegar, and various food containers. Use this kitchen rack to store your most used items for easy access. 

Kitchen Utility Cart

Items to Invest in to Save Space in Your Kitchen

Photo Credit: HOMCOM

If you have any floor space to spare, a kitchen utility rack is a good idea to have. You can use it as an extension of your pantry, or an extra counter space for food prep. This HOMCOM rolling kitchen island has cupboards, produce baskets, and a wine rack! Talk about versatility! If you need something smaller though, Ikea’s utility cart is narrow enough to fit in the odd corners of your kitchen. 

Floating shelves, hooks, and everything in between

Items to Invest in to Save Space in Your Kitchen

Photo Credit: Better Houseware via Amazon.ca

Seriously, vertical space is the ultimate answer to space-saving. Nowadays when most apartment units appear to be allergic to storage and cupboards, it’s better to just make your own. This metal wall shelf by Cascade Iron Co. is so sleek in design that it will look great on a minimalist’s home. This Holman floating shelf is both a wine rack and a glass shelf in itself– perfect for your home bar! Vertical space also includes doors. A kitchen over the cabinet door organizer like this one is great to store the rest of your pantry items.

Now, if you still lack wall space, then hooks will be your next best bet. This Better Houseware Undershelf Mug and Cup Hooks lets you hang your mugs inside cupboards without losing any space. If you need more space than that then this Simple Houseware undershelf basket will do you good. If you’re looking for something cuter and decorative, then these utility hooks by Famous Microgreens will look good with your apron and kitchen towels. 

Lastly, the best way to save kitchen space is by constant reorganization and cleaning. Throw out unnecessary items and use stackable food storage containers to maximize space. To learn more about pantry organization, we rounded up the best tips and tricks to pantry reorganization which you can read here. 

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