Trying to break into the music industry can be hard enough, especially if you’ve just started your career as a musician. You cannot solely rely on your songs to get your music heard. Making a living as a musician requires hard work and patience until you achieve a sustainable music career. Thus, it’s necessary to make sure your music gets the exposure it needs for you to be recognized by more people. Also, social media and other cultural shifts have altered how you promote and spread your tunes to new people. 

Here are a few tips following which can get your music heard by new fans:

Establish a Brand and Build a Website

While it’s paramount to create great music, you need to build a brand that can differentiate you from other industry peers. Building a brand allows you to establish a unique image depending on how you want to be perceived. Furthermore, the internet is filled with artists who are trying to gain support. Thus, creating a professional website that can act as your digital footprint is vital. The website should include your most important information – a bio, links to your music and social media profiles, and any tour dates. Lastly, don’t forget to add your contact information that can be used by fans, labels, and fellow musicians to reach out to you.

Create an Email List

Build a large and dedicated mailing list to foster a meaningful relationship with new fans. Your website acts as a gateway for people to discover your music. So make sure you include a mailing list sign-up form and maybe offer an exclusive product, like an unreleased b-side, in return. Email marketing helps you interact with dedicated fans that are most likely to engage with your music. Besides, the probability of an email reaching them (including information about limited merch release or an upcoming tour) is more than a social media post.

Get on Different Platforms’ Playlist

Streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, or Amazon Music have transformed the music industry in terms of music reach and exposure. Getting your track into a popular curated playlist on platforms like these can help you earn credibility and, resultantly, maximum streams.

Be Active and Engaging on Social Media 

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your music. Thus, it’s essential to develop and maintain a consistent and engaging online presence. Multiple social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter can help you expand your fanbase on a global scale. You should try to make the most of your social media presence by posting a mix of content while also incorporating your brand image in each post. Moreover, social media gives you the opportunity of interacting with your fans all over the globe. However, you should also consider promoting your music through Facebook or Instagram Ads because organic exposure might not be enough.

Music Distribution

Previously, record labels secured a deal with distributors to deliver those tracks and records to physical stores. Although this system still somewhat exists, now independent artists can digitally distribute their music by using distribution companies that get their music on streaming platforms. Thus, you should consider using services like the Indiefy distribution service to make your music reach the targeted audience. This is especially important for aspiring artists looking to develop their music careers in this over-saturated industry. 

Conduct Promotional Outreach through Blogs or Press

Getting your music featured by music publications like niche blogs or mainstream magazines is also another way to promote your music. Additionally, placements on podcasts and radio stations will help your music reach a relevant audience specifically interested in music. Furthermore, hiring a professional PR might not be an affordable option for new artists with a limited budget. Thus, they should create an electronic press release and send it to bloggers and journalists whose content appeals to your target audience.

Perform Live and Make an Impact

A live performance is an invaluable way to connect with fans. If you’re new, playing a gig in your local area, like at a bar or open mics, might not be as exciting as going viral, but it can help you develop a strong fanbase. Once you’ve built a local following, you should look to play in other surrounding areas to reach new people. Giving an amazing performance at a live show will do wonders for your career.

While there are countless avenues and ways to make your music reach more people, you should primarily focus on producing great music. However, being aware of all your options while pursuing a career in music can help you navigate your way better.

Published on Holr Magazine