Jackie posted a new Instagram story apologizing to her ex-fiancé, Marshall. Check it out below.

Jackie Love is Blind Apology

Jackie just posted the below paragraph to her Instagram stories, detailing an apology to Marshall.

This TikTok goes into depth about what Jackie says. She starts off by expressing her gratitude for Marshall. She then thanks Marshall for clearing up the fact that she met Josh in the coffee shop after ending their relationship. She also acknowledges the quick transition between relationships, even going into how she had a deep connection with Josh.


This apology doesnt hold much weight considering yesterday and last week but hey 🤷🏾 #greenscreen #loveisblind #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindseason3 #loveisblindseason4 #realitytv #netflix

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She also thanks Marshall for taking responsibility for saying a derogatory comment while off-camera. However, Marshall did not admit to saying the “T” word when questioned during the reunion. Jackie then apologizes for the remarks that she made when those leaked text messages came out. She ends the message by echoing MArshall’s words from the reunion, re-stating that they both deserve love and peace.

Marshall was recently on the Viall Files podcast where he talked about his relationship with Jackie and cleared up some things the fans were still wondering about. This is likely why Jackie recently came out with this apology. As the TikTok covers, Jackie mainly wanted to clear her name that she’s not a cheater.

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