HOLR is discussing the latest updates on the incident involving Jayland Walker. Plus, what Reddit users have to say about the situation.

As noted here, the incident involving Jayland Walker happened last year on June 27, 2022.

It initially began when police performed a traffic stop of a vehicle with a broken license plate light. The driver, Jayland Walker, apparently drove off from officers and reportedly fired a gunshot from his car. From there, Walker allegedly left the car wearing a ski mask in which police had to chase him, tasing him in the process. Walker supposedly then make a “threatening” motion that led officers to shoot Walker dozens of times-ultimately killing him.

Jayland Walker Grand Jury Decision

As mentioned in this article, a grand jury in Ohio “declined to indict the Akron police officers” and decided that the officers were “legally justified” to use force against Jayland Walker. According to an investigation, “Eight police officers fired a total of 94 shots within 6.7 seconds” directed toward Walker.

Jayland Walker Protests

Walker’s death sparked protests after body cam footage was released showing Walker dying by multiple gunshot wounds.

Jayland Walker Reddit

In this latest Reddit thread, it has been updated to note that there will be an open casket for Walker’s funeral. As mentioned in this article, Walker’s body has reportedly been prepared for viewing but some injuries remain, as his family chose an open casket where in which people will see some of the harm done to Walker by the police officers involved in the incident.

This Reddit thread suggests Walker was unarmed when approached by police officers. The thread discusses body cam footage with one user discussing their opinion on the sequence of events that reportedly occurred.

“so apparently while the first two cops engage and are tasering him another half dozen cops run up and just start shooting him – firing 60 rounds

it’s almost like they’re begging to be called murderers and cowards”

Other users had differing opinions, with another user stating this:

“What a poor headline. It ignores that video showed him firing his gun from the car (and a gun and shell casing was recovered from the car), that the cops tried to taze him first, and that he was reaching for his waistband when they opened fire.

The number of times they shot him was excessive, but the initial shots seem justified.”

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