Why is Tyron Woodley video trending? HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

Tyron Woodley Twitter Video

According to this article, Woodley is trending on X (formerly known as Twitter) after an alleged sex tape that was previously recorded featuring Woodley and an unnamed woman went viral on social media. The leaked video instantly started trending on MMA Twitter, as the article claims.

Tyron Woodley Full Video

HOLR will not be linking to the video making its rounds online as it contains NSFW content. It has allegedly been removed from social media but people are still managing to share the viral clip.

Tyron Woodley Eating Video

The alleged sex tape leak featured NSFW footage and garnered the attention of Woodley’s former opponent, Jake Paul, who posted the below Tweet following the exposed scandal.

Tyron Woodley Video Reddit

The news sparked multiple memes online and people took to platforms such as X and Reddit to discuss the leaked video going viral on social media. Woodley has allegedly not commented on the viral clip, which features him and an unnamed woman engaging in sexual acts.

According to this related article, people have alleged that the unnamed woman in the video could be one of Woodley’s two ex-partners. it is unclear if Woodley’s most current partner, Kia, is reportedly still with him. The woman in the video remains unconfirmed right now.

What do you think about this alleged news?

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