Everyone is talking about the Love is Blind Reunion. HOLR is breaking down what Reddit users have to say about the latest episode from the Netflix series.  

From the hosts to the conversations, let’s talk about what happened on the Love is Blind Reunion and why Reddit users have taken to the platform to discuss the latest episode.

Love is Blind Reunion Recap

The Reunion saw all of this season’s couples come back to tell all about their season. The only couple not physically present was Jackie and Josh. These two had a sit-down conversation with Vanessa Lachey – one of the hosts- a day before the Reunion was held, via Zoom.

People had a lot to say about how the reunion went down on Reddit- this discussion thread features some people’s opinions on the show’s delay, the conversations, and the hosts.

In regard to Netflix messing up the “live” part of the reunion, this user joked about the delay, “Apparently we are all watching this live reunion SIGHT UNSEEN.”

When discussing the conversations between contestants, another user wasn’t thrilled with how some contestants were portrayed.

“Micah got off so easy jeez. Paul didn’t articulate himself very well, you could tell he was nervous. Wish he would’ve just pointed out Micah’s shitty behavior as the primary reason he couldn’t say yes,” said one user.

Other users bashed the hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

“Vanessa lingered on the Paul / Micah thing WAY too long. Dear god she was triggered. What a total dumpster fire; she is truly an incompetent host,” said a Reddit user.

Love is Blind Hosts

TikTok had a lot to say about Nick and Vanessa Lachey hosting the latest Love is Blind Reunion. Although these two have been here from Day 1 of the show airing, it seems like the audience could not resonate with them being hosts. This TikTok by @melworeit talks about how Vanessa inappropriately talked about the show’s couples having babies and how it felt like she made the cast feel uncomfortable at that moment.


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This TikTok by @gibbygorgeous also showcases the extreme awkwardness of the conversation.

Reddit users also took to the platform in this thread to talk about how the hosts did not confront Micah or Jackie enough about their mean girl behavior. Check out some of the comments below:

“Vanessa sided with Jackie and Micah, because she is like them. Birds of feathers,” said one commenter.

Another commenter questioned if Vanessa was “drunk” and why another host wasn’t chosen for the reunion by stating, “She seemed drunk and was a total mess. Why can Andy Cohen do the reunion?”

Another commenter listed the reasons why Vanessa did not seem to be a good host:

“She was cringe! I’m normally pretty forgiving. but I felt like Vanessa’s personality dominated the show.

  1. No more baby talk please, Vanessa! Let the couples be. Babies aren’t endgame for everyone.
  2. We don’t care about yours and Nicks relationship and continued comparison of the LIB couples dynamics to your own experiences.
  3. Too many subjective opinions and passive aggressive comments towards certain individuals
  4. The hosting speech and conversation did not feel natural at all – I felt like she was trying to come off as the “cool mom.” When she said frick and frack – like she heard the cool kids say it and repeated it, I cringed.
  5. You are just the host aka the facilitator! It’s not your show alone, you’re not the mom of the show, let the conversation be about the couples and their stories. Let them speak!

I give her credit for asking the tough questions but only half credit since the producers were the ones that came up with it.

Either new host or please take this feedback into consideration, Vanessa ??”

Paul Love is Blind Reunion

One of the show’s contestants, who was present during the reunion, Paul, actually talked about the interview approach and Vanessa’s alleged personal bias in an interview with ET afterward.

Check out the TikTok below from @xboxseriesplayer123 of what he had to say about the overall reunion experience:


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