Jennifer Lawrence has joked that filming a scene in Don’t Look Up was the “worst day of my life”.

Since its release, Don’t Look Up has taken audiences by storm, but now Jennifer Lawrence has spoken about the ‘worst day of her life’ and revealed that it happened shooting her first scene.

The newly released Netflix movie stars Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio as Kate Dibiasky and Randall Mindy, two mid-level astronomers who struggle to alert the public that a comet is on a collision course with earth.

Viewers and critics alike have raved about the movie since its release but 31-year-old Lawrence reveals how there were a few hiccups when it came to filming – especially her very first scene.

The actor – who plays the leading role of astronomer Kate Dibiasky – had to memorize and perform her own rendition of Wu Tang’s ‘Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit’ while she munched on some toast.

“It was horrifying, because I’m in this huge hanger, and it’s so quiet. And I don’t know anybody, and I had to rap Wu-Tang Clan. It was just horrendous. And then what’s in the movie is like, five seconds. I really wish I had known that.”

She went on to reveal how that specific day on set was ‘the worst day of my life’.

Viewers were divided by the scene. Many have called it “terrific” while plenty others describe it as “cringey”.

“Jennifer Lawrence raps along to a Wu-Tang Clan song in Don’t Look Up. Pretty awesome,” wrote one person.

Jennifer Lawrence

While it seems the impressive cast list has proved a hit with fans, behind-the-scenes of the movie things between them were a little bit stickier. Lawrence recently revealed that working with Jonah Hill was actually “really, really hard.”

Thankfully though, there’s no bad blood brewing between the two. The difficulty they faced while filming is all to do with Hill’s improv skills. Speaking to Vanity Fair, J Law, said: “It was really, really hard filming with Jonah, and just not ruining take after take, laughing.”

She continued, “We one time dedicated an entire day to him just improv-ing insults at me. It was amazing.”

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