Joe Jonas allegedly changed the lyrics to his song, “Hesitate” live. HOLR breaks down the news.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @pophistorian, Jonas allegedly changed the lyrics to his song, ‘Hesitate,’ during a live performance while on tour with The Jonas Brothers.


#stitch with @Just Jared Jr. they’re both hurting, they loved each other – no one can debate that #joejonas #sophieturner #jophie

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Joe Jonas Lyrics

As noted in the TikTok video, Jonas supposedly changed the lyrics to, “Don’t be scared because I’m on her side.” The original lyrics are, “Don’t be scared because I’m on your side.” This news comes after the two decided to break off their marriage in which Jonas filed for divorce from his wife of 4 years, Sophie Turner.

Rumors and narratives involving the duo and their relationship have been running rampant online, in which sources have claimed that the two’s PR teams are pitting them against each other in an alleged smear campaign. However, as seen in the above video, it looks like Jonas is – supposedly- on “her” side through this change in both of their lives- and wants the public to know that.

Joe Jonas Hesitate

In this article, Jonas said that ‘Hesitate’ is about Sophie, in which the song was written before their wedding. As noted here, his brother, Nick Jonas, previously claimed that ‘Hesitate’ was ‘Joe’s love letter’ to Sophie.

What do you think about Jonas’ alleged lyrics change?

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