Often in the realm of celebrity relationships, outlandish rumours pervade the public narrative. In this case, the gossip is focused on Johnny Depp, an alleged domestic abuser dating his trial lawyer.

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It seems as though Johnny Depp can’t stay out of the headlines for long.

After his widely publicized divorce settlement from ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp is once again making his way into headlines by reportedly dating his former lawyer.

A brief history

Joelle Rich, a lawyer who has represented various high-profile individuals, was the lawyer responsible for representing Johnny Depp at his U.K libel lawsuit against The Sun. The magazine had published an article referring to Depp as a “wife-beater”, resulting in Depp filing a lawsuit against them for libel. Amber Heard then gave evidence to the court that Depp indeed beat her resulting in Depp losing the case.

Rich did not represent Depp in any of his lawsuits or court proceedings since but has made appearances at some of them. She was present in his Fairfax County case against Heard for several days- not as a professional commitment but for personal support.

The latest gossip

During the said trial, fans and the media linked Depp to his lawyer for that case, Camille Vasquez. Vasquez, however, stated that the rumours were “unprofessional” and that those rumours come with any woman doing her job.

Although Rich and Depp’s relationship has been widely publicized, it seems as though their relationship is not yet exclusive. According to a source, Rich and deep are “low-key” and not yet in a serious relationship. Considering the fact that Rich is currently in the process of divorcing her husband, whom she shares children with, it is reasonable that they are taking things slow.

Johnny Depp has, throughout his career, had a reputation for being one of the most attractive men in Hollywood. As well, he has had well-known flings with various women throughout the past few decades. With Depp just getting out of a long-term relationship with Amber Heard, it would not come as a surprise that he’s entering into a new relationship.

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