Kristen Stewart is known for bending the rules in many ways, including those when it comes to fashion. Kristen has been in the spotlight for many years now, and since the beginning, she has not followed the typical mould that Hollywood puts young actresses in. 


Now, in 2022 with her acting becoming more serious, she still knows how to keep it fun and edgy through her fashion sense, especially her street style. Kristen may be known best for playing Bella in Twilight alongside Robert Pattinson, but both actors have risen past the laughs and have truly shown that they themselves are some of the best actors of this generation. 

Just this year Kristen was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Oscars for portraying Princess Diana in the film Spencer. The chameleon she is truly surprised many with this role because of how delicate, prim and proper Princess Diana was known to be, some may say the complete opposite of Stewart. 

Style Bistro

What truly shows Stewart’s style was how at the biggest and most formal event of the year actors and actresses are ‘supposed’ to wear gowns and tuxedos, but Stewart did the opposite, she wore a well-tailored tuxedo, no bow-tie, and shorts, yes shorts. 

If that doesn’t explain to you already what Stewarts’ style is about then we don’t know what else to tell you, but we will tell you one thing, Stewart’s street style is one of the best. 

Kristen Stewart has definitely been able to define her style in the last few years, in the ladder half of the 2010’s everyone finally was able to take fashion seriously and Kristen definitely picked her favourites and ran with them. 

Stewart is one of the few people who still fully and truly rocks the vintage rock and roll style, the ripped-up graphic tees, the vintage distressed jeans, and of course a pair of vans or converse to top it all off. 


If we could take a closet tour in Kristen’s house the first go-to will 100% be her graphic t-shirt drawer? Many tees that Kristen has worn go from vintage band t-shirts like the Beasty Boys, Talking Heads and Zeplin. Her t-shirts are always paid with a simple outfit because that is exactly what Kristen Stewart is, simple. Many times even in the hot LA sun she loves wearing nice skinny jeans and some sunglasses. 

Speaking of sunglasses, that is another thing that Kristen does so well, accessorizing. Kristen has a way of elevating her looks to not only look effortless but to make her style even more unique. Many times depending on the season Kristen uses beanies and jackets as a way to add pieces to really complete her look. From sunglasses and beanies to sneakers and biker jackets, Kristen’s style is the perfect streetwear, it’s cool, comfortable and of course totally her. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine