Jonathan Simkhai’s unique Fall collection was a reflection of abstract works from American Sculpture Anne Truit at the New York Fashion Week. Simkhai embraced Truit’s vivid use of Geometry and colours in his designs, fusing his catalog with a sleeker feel through serrated tailoring and feminine styles embezzled with earthy elements.

The brand made full use of the current digital world we live in by first launching his fall collection in the metaverse for the “Metaverse Fashion Week, where Simkhai was featured as the debut designer. The event transpired a day before the physical ‘Jonathan Simkhai presentation at NYFW.’ Simkhai’s designs were transformed into digital wearables by Blueberry Entertainment, a digital wearables production studio that “grew out of physical demand for digital clothing.”

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Simkhai’s collection had different clothing with handmade glitter sequin dresses and skirts overflowing in geometric paillettes and shaped in squares which were placed purposefully in different dimensions to further enhance this eye-catching design. This particular dress in red-orange is helped by the beaming  light enhancing the tone to morph into a different shade of the fruity colour depending on the angle of the reflection. The influence of Truit is overwhelming in this piece of art by Simkhai. 

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The designer’s approach and use of the linear shape was ever so present in most of his collection portrayed this week. He used the straight line and transcended such a simple feature into many different shapes, showing us the immense creativity in his vision. This particular piece is a green cotton shawl with straight thick lines and alternating shades of a dark and light green, draped over the neck aesthetically as it casually falls down to the knees of the model. The shawl looks like a combination of a parka and a shawl. 

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The only leather outfit to feature in this collection was a mahogany-maroon fit stitched together in one piece, which has a little slit on the side to break down the continuity of the long dress-like fit. It features a collar giving it a more formal and chic look with the same mahogany-maroon buttons going down the middle. The buttons are on a thick vertical stripe embroidered in the top to spice things up. The red threads holding the piece together are also apparent throughout the outfit, most notable on the shoulders of the flared up arms, which start narrowly up until the elbows. 

Check out the full Fall collection by Jonathan Simkhai here.

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