Kanye West Instagram apology goes viral online.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @riristea, Kanye West just posted an apology to the Jewish community.

Kanye West Instagram Apology Explained

Image Credit: @riristea TikTok

Kanye West Instagram

West shared a message on Instagram today, which was in Hebrew. When translated, his statement reads that he is apologizing to the Jewish community for any “unintended outburst” caused by his words or actions.

Kanye West Instagram Apology Explained

Image Credit: @riristea TikTok

He claims that he “deeply regrets” any pain he might have caused. He is also hoping to learn from this experience to ensure greater sensitivity or understanding in the future. He hopes to promote unity with this message.


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His apology was met with mixed comments, as some followers believed it to be sincere while others thought that he was just planning for his album release, hoping to make amends before it dropped to increase sales.

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