Kourtney Kardashian may have never been married before but she sure is getting it out of the way when it comes to the number of times she is marrying fiance Travis Barker. On their 2nd marriage ceremony, which was really only for papers purposes, the LA couple had a very LA wedding. 


Kourt and Trav got engaged in October of 2021, as their love for each other became more sickening, it was time for the madly in love couple to finally walk down the aisle. After the Grammys that took place in Vegas on April 3rd, the couple took advantage of their destination and went to a chapel and got married by none other than Elvis himself.  

The couple didn’t legally get married but it truly showed how much they were looking forward to the overall idea of spending the rest of their lives together. 

Now, in LA on May 15th, Trav and Kourt officially became Mr. and Mrs. Travis Barker, the first time ever for Kourtney and the 3rd (times a charm) for Travis. The two can now say they share their love, their lives and their children equally. 


The LA wedding itself was truly just for the license and the photoshoot, how could Kourtney not want as many weddings as possible, she’s only been waiting 43 years for her special day. 

The wedding was simple, yet very Kardashian, it included a black and white photoshoot, a very old convertible car and some questionable fashion choices by the bride, groom and some joining family members. 

The bride herself wore the classic white dress but added much flair. Her dress was mini, her shoes were black to match her groom, and the veil was replicated to match Mother Mary herself. The veil may have been the most interesting part, it classically covered her head, but wrapped around her arms. The 2nd most interesting part was the jewelled heart in the middle of her dress, a very common theme she has kept since her first wedding. 


The groom was plain and simple. Travis being Travis, he wore a classic slim cut black suit, a platformed shoe, and of course squared black sunglasses. His overall look was clean but made sense to not outshine the bride. 

Many other family members may have not been revealed by paparazzi or posted photos, but it was said that the sisters did attend the wedding, only so many could imagine which theme they look to the courthouse with them. 

Article published by HOLR Magazin