A viral theory on X allegedly claims that Kate Middleton’s face in a viral photo was supposedly swapped with a Vogue cover she did in 2016. HOLR breaks down the allegations.

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According to this TikTok video posted by user@holdensmith962, there is a viral alleged theory circulating on X (formerly known as Twitter) which alleges that Kate Middleton’s face- in a recent viral photo that has been removed- was taken from a Vogue cover shoot she did back in 2016.

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As the TikToker notes, X user @rubynaldrett posted the alleged viral theory that they “took” Middleton’s face from her 2016 Vogue cover and put it on the family photo she posted recently with her children, that was quickly removed due to reportedly being altered.

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When the Vogue cover was seemingly superimposed onto the viral family photo from another X user’s account (@PaulLomax) as the TikToker explains, the resemblance became uncanny. However, it does not prove claims that this image of Middleton’s face was used in the viral family photo. Allegedly, people claimed that the metadata of the viral family photo alleged that it was downloaded twice from Photoshop. There is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

The TikToker thinks that this alleged rumor could be true after seeing the Vogue image being imposed onto the viral photo as they are seemingly so similar.

Now, nothing has been officially confirmed, this all remains alleged and rumor. Although there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, what are your thoughts?

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Image credits via @holdensmith962 TikTok, @PaulLomax X, @rubynaldrett X