Why is Kentucky Derby fight eye video trending? HOLR is breaking it down, below.


According to this article, a fight broke out during the Kentucky Derby 2023 which led to an attendee suffering from severe injuries.

As the article goes on to discuss that an attendee supposedly “broke his jaw and popped an eye” during a fight that took place at the Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky Derby. The viral video shows two men engaging in a violent fight in which one of them has a bloody eye while the other is being restrained from punching him. They are accompanied by another woman who is nearby and reportedly also took part.

During the fight, the woman can be heard yelling, “f**k you! I f**king hate you!” to one of the men. Everyone in the video has not been fully identified but some believe the woman and one of the men featured are husband and wife while the other man is the husband’s friend. However, this has not been confirmed.

The viral video has been circulating across social media and can be found below.


Here’s what some people on Twitter had to say about the altercation:

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Image Credits: Twitter

It is unclear whether or not charges have been laid regarding the fight that took place.

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