Shakira gets real on life since the split and moving to the US.

First, congratulations to Shakira on her new Billboard cover and recent success with her music.

But the 46-year-old singer opened up to Billboard on the struggles of single motherhood and music.

After moving to the US, Shakira said of her career that now she had better access to professional resources, her music career had just gotten bigger and better.

But she made it clear that despite her success, she doesn’t consider herself a member of the “happy” club.

“I don’t think everyone has access to happiness. It’s reserved for a very select number of people, and I can’t say I’m part of the club at this moment.”


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 What makes Shakira so inspirational?

For one thing, despite her years of hardships in her personal and professional life, Shakira had experienced an incredible amount of success.

But how did she do it?

Without rehashing anything, the singer explained that she used her experiences to fuel her inspiration.

However, the singer would be careful not to try and compensate for all that she lost through her music.

Instead, she would take the opportunity given to her to discover things about herself that she had either forgotten or didn’t realise she had.

“I thought I was much weaker. I used to crumble before the stupidest problems,” she told Billboard.

“Going through truly difficult things, gives you a sense of perspective and empathy. You learn how to value the good moments and how not to amplify the bad ones.”

So, rather than play all the negative out in the press, Shakira chose to hold her head high and embrace the success.

But empathy has been there for all to see for a while.

Afterall, Shakira had been known for her humanitarian work for years now.

Since she was 18, the 46-year-old had founded Pies Descalzos (Barefoot) Foundation which aided impoverished children in Columbia.

Also, recently, she started expanding the organisation into Haiti and South Africa.

Not to mention, all the work she had done through her music to advance Latin Pop artists.

And as for her music?

Well, there’s no better example of valuing the good things than the status of her career now.

First thing, she was given a Vanguard honour at this year’s Video Music Awards, the first Latin pop artist to do so.

As well as, earning a nomination at the upcoming Latin GRAMMY Awards.

So, there’s no shortage of greatness for Shakira these days and she not only praised her children for their support, but the fans as well.

“I never thought really that my fans could sustain me and could be there for me in so many ways, you know?”

She added, “I think that if it wasn’t because of them, I would’ve probably been a lot sadder, but they really gave me a lot to fight for and they’re just so loyal.”

I am so glad we could prove worthy for such a woman. Congrats to Shakira again for achievements.

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