Kevin Costner & Christine Baumgartner divorce heats up amid affair allegations and accusations of ‘withholding finances’.

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner heat things up amid their ongoing divorce.

Meanwhile Christine demanded that her ex-husband hand over all documents and receipts to prove her allegations.

The request is to hand over “all statements, receipts, invoices, cancelled checks (front and back) and other documents … relating to any extramarital romantic relationships.”

But Costner of course denied having any extramarital affairs. Costner’s rebuttal insisted he had none.

“[He] has no responsive documents for ‘extramarital romantic relationships’ in which he engaged because he engaged in none.”

kevin costner divorce update

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Now Costner himself claimed that he had no knowledge of any affairs his estranged wife might have had.

And Entertainment Tonight quoted Costner saying, “[He] does not know for a fact if [Baumgartner] engaged in any ‘extramarital romantic relationships.”

Additionally, Baumgartner claimed that Costner had held out financially as well.

In fact, Christine claimed that Costner failed to produce bank account records and credit statements that she claimed were “relevant.”

kevin costner divorce update

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Costner’s Lawyers issue rebuttal to Baumgartner’s lawyers.

Since the couple filed for divorce in May, Costner’s lawyers call the allegations the “latest round of legal back and forth.”

Previously, Baumgartner’s lawyers submitted documents that contested the prenup agreement citing “validity” and feeling “pressured.”

However, Costner’s lawyers have labelled the request as “propounded only for purposes of harassment, is overbroad as to time period and subject matter, burdensome, oppressive and impermissibly compound.”

Furthermore, the lawyers branded the documentation requested “irrelevant” to the case at hand.

Another lawyer unrelated to the case commented on the request made by Baumgartner and her legal team.

Marilyn Chintz said Christine’s request “wasn’t unusual” so long as communal property exists.

And even she stated that “The request for ‘expenses paid relating to any extramarital romantic relationships’ should be stricken as irrelevant and harassing and represents nothing more than a fishing expedition.”

So, it would appear the divorce between Costner and Baumgartner would continue to get ugly as it drags out.

The case regarding child support and the prenup is ongoing.

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