Kim Kardashian Set To Star In American Horror Story Season 12

Is there anything Kim Kardashian can’t do? From CEO of Skims to a lawyer, she now seems to be dipping her toe into the acting pool after posting a teaser of the new American Horror Story season.

Kim Announces AHS Feature


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The new season is set to launch in the summer leaving a lot of room for fans to get excited. The teaser shows that Emma Roberts will be returning to the show.

Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian sharing the screen together will definitely be something to talk about.

Kim’s Role This Season

Although nothing has been confirmed on what kind of character Kim will take on, fans are eager to find out all the details.

Until more specifics come out, fans have taken it upon themselves to crack some jokes about what Kardashian will bring to the table.

The overall response to the news seems to be strictly positive. The new season will be launched this summer as mentioned and just know, we will definitely be tuning in.

Published By: HOLR Magazine