SKIMS shapewearIt’s like body armor for women”

The SKIMS bodysuit supposedly saved shooting victim Angelina Wiley’s life in Kansas City earlier this year. In a TikTok Wiley posted in May, the Kansas City resident claimed that “Kim Kardashian saved my life.”

Angelina explains how the SKIMS shaping body suit saved her life. “This New Year’s I was shot four times. The night that I got shot, under my dress I was wearing a Skims shaping bodysuit. It was so tight on me that it literally kept me from bleeding out.” She continued to rave about the SKIMS brand saying, “I recommend it. I’m definitely going to buy some more, I mean I should wear it everyday. It’s like body armor for women.”

@honeygxd no but fr, thanks kim 😭😭🫶🏼 #fyp #foryou #gunviolence #kimkardashian #kim #skims #skimsbodysuit #gunviolenceawareness ♬ dream – 💗

TikTok users tried to reach the video to the SKIMS cofounder by tagging her and becoming viral reaching 1.4m views this week. People left comments supporting Wiley’s story and gave praise to the SKIMS shapewear line. Viewers successfully reached Kim’s attention as she shared Wiley’s video on her Instagram over the weekend. She storied the video captioning it, “wowww” and used the praying hand emoji.

“Call it fate or Jesus, but imma call it Kim,” Wiley said. Angelina was left with several injuries such as a fractured pelvis and ruptured bladder. She has shared a further video of an update on her recovery and her family has set up a GoFundMe for “Nina’s Road to Recovery” here. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.