Kristen Stewart as Jury President at Berlin Festival. HOLR breaks down the trending news.

At the opening press conference of the Berlin International Festival of 2023, the ”Twilight” protagonist Kristen Stewart admitted that the experience as the jury president has her nervous. “In full transparency, I’m kind of shaking,” she stated. “It’s not a weight that I don’t fully understand and feel… not buckling under, but I’m bolstered by a really beautiful, talented jury.”

Stewart confessed that she was rather surprised by the opportunity to join the Berlin Festival as the jury president saying, ”I was shocked they called me.” As for her duties brought by her position, Stewart mentioned it is essential to “mitigate some bias” and “open up to something new”. When asked about her favorite international movies, Kristen called herself a ”loser” as she couldn’t come up with a good answer to the question, “But yeah, sorry, I’m a loser, I don’t have like a great list of stock filmmakers in my pocket for you.”

For the jury president, a potential award-winning is a movie that “In a positive way is confrontational and political” as mentioned here.

Kristen Stewart Look

Kristen Stewart Jury President

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According to this article, Kristen Stewart chose a Channel tweed for the photocall at Berlin International Festival 2023. The actress caught the eye with a colorful matching jacket and trousers, to which she added a black pair of sunglasses and a natural make-up look.

Kristen Stewart Movies

The star of the 2021 film ”Spencer” is currently working on her debut as a movie director with the screening of Lidia Yuknavitch’s book, ”The Chronology of War”. She is also working on a paranormal reality series for which she announced an open casting call in 2022.

Kristen Stewart Partner

Kristen Stewart and fiancée Dylan Meyer, whose marital status remains uncertain, are currently working together on a TV series.

kristen stewart and fiancee


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