She’s a singer, songwriter, and actress on ABC’s drama series Emergence…Oh, and did I mention she’s only 11 years old?! Meet Alexa Swinton, a talented beauty from New Jersey whose dad, happens to share our Canadian roots! Alexa just released her first single called “You, Me, and My Purple Docs.” A feel-good song that encourages everyone to use their unique strengths to make a positive difference. The track is bound to uplift your mood, so don’t be shy and check it out below. 

1. Alexa Swinton, tell us what your new song “You, Me, and My Purple Docs” is all about? 

AS: I wanted to make a song about kids standing up for what they believe in and taking action because we can do anything! I think Kids have to help save the planet because we’re the future and the present. If we don’t take action, who will? We need to start thinking about what we’re going to do to create change, so why not start young.

2. What was the creative process like for your new single?

AS: So Dawn Elder helped me write this song along with my mom (Inna Swinton) since she’s a writer. We sat down and were thinking of things that we wanted to share. Dawn asked me- what do you love more than anything in this world? So I said, I love my purple docs. They make me feel so special inside because they’re totally different, sparkly, purple, and hello- Doc Martens! So it’s a great mix. Then when we started writing it, it was kind of like creating a poem. It was really fun, we started with a melody, and then we kind of went from there!  

Alexa Swinton

Alexa Swinton – photographed by Emily Assiran

3. How old were you when you started to sing?

AS: When I was ten months old, I sang my first words! Then when I was around three years of age, my grandfather had his birthday party. And when I started singing to him, I drew out the words of Happy Birthday. I was able to sing on key and carry out a melody. So, my parents decided to put me in acting that same year, and I even ended up writing a song of my own called Chicken Sauce. My mom happened to record “Chicken Sauce,” and a few years later, my music teacher helped us make a track for it, and I sang that same song for a talent show!

Alexa Swinton

Alexa Swinton – photographed by Emily Assiran

4. How did you break into the industry?

AS: I’ve always loved singing, so my mom and dad really supported me and got me involved. Many actors can sing, especially in Broadway, so my mom wanted me to have that opportunity. My first Broadway show was Mary Poppins, and I was so excited! I also enjoy watching the shows so much; I loved Mean Girls, Phantom of the Opera, and Hairspray live with Ariana Grande, omg she was amazing! Oh, I also love, love, love, love Hamilton

5. If you could open for any musician, who would it be? 

AS: One thousand percent Elton John! He’s just so iconic; I would just die! He just did a new single with Surfaces called “Learn to Fly,” and it’s awesome. Also, the song “I’m still standing” is by Elton John, and it’s about feeling empowered, so if I could open for any concerts, it would definitely be for him!

6. When you’re not singing, what do you do for fun?

AS: I love to read, and I definitely like to write. I got that from my mom, she’s a writer, and is actually working on a book right now. My brother also does stand-up comedy, so one of my hobbies is watching his shows. I love to see him perform! My brother and I also play Roblox together. It’s an online game that’s cool and interactive.

7. What songs do you start your day with?

AS: I always blast my playlist, to the point where my parents literally gave me a noise complaint! But I don’t want anyone to mess with my vibe, so sometimes I lock the door, haha. I love to sing “Sit Still, Look Pretty” by Daya and “This is what it takes” by Sean Mendez. One of my favorite songs on the planet right now is Flyer by Skating Polly, if you haven’t heard it check it out!  

8. Do you ever get a little stage fright? 

AS: When it’s people I know, I can get really scared. But when it’s a bunch of strangers who just want to listen and have fun, I get right into it. But at the end of the day, no matter what, I love performing!  

 9. Do you have any advice for kids who also want to perform but are nervous?

AS: Just take some deep breaths, breathing is definitely important, and you’ll feel great! My mom told me about the Alexander Breathing Technique, which helps you with your posture, health, and performance. You feel calm, and that helps me! I will also say aloud sometimes and repeat, “I have more time” it makes me feel more relaxed right away!

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