The crocodile returns to the courts.

Get ready for an exciting new footwear launch from Lacoste. The AG-LT21 Ultra is a brand new style of high-performance tennis shoe from Lacoste with an innovative and iconic silhouette that was built for premium performance.  In renewing its commitment to top-level athletes while demonstrating the brand’s ability to produce high-performance footwear, Lacoste created this shoe with features and innovations designed to promote speed, stability and agility on the court.

Featuring a dynamic combination of elegance and freedom of movement, the AG-LT21 Ultra is well designed with a woven mesh upper, to provide ultimate breathability. Fusing together function and fashion, the shoe is also extremely lightweight and features a double lacing system, as well as a padded collar, to ensure optimal support and comfort for the players sporting them. 

The AG-LT21 Ultras are an ideal choice for the most demanding of players, both in terms of fluidity of movement and style, since it is a high-performance model with a bold design, embodied by sculptural lines. This is why the brand has partnered with the wunderkind of international tennis, Daniil Medvedev, who is currently ranked 4th worldwide, to debut the stylish, high-performing and functional footwear to the world. 

Daniil stepped onto the court for his first round at the 2021 Miami Open with the AG-LT21 Ultras, and as an incredible tennis player and a video game enthusiast, Daniil Medvedev was able to showcase this ‘futuristic’ and powerful combo at the crossroads of tennis and gaming.

“Even before trying the pair on, I really enjoyed its design and the varied colour palette, that will allow me to change my style throughout the season. The look is new, different from what we are used to seeing on the courts. Just like any tennis player, I expect comfort as well as the performance from my footwear, and I was seduced by the ease with which I was able to change direction while remaining very stable on the court,” Daniil Medvedev explains. 

Interested in treating yourself to a pair? You can now shop Lacoste’s incredible AG-LT21 Ultras in four amazing colours, which are all available now in Lacoste boutiques and at select retailers. You can also shop for the pair online at