Lacoste x Polaroid: Let The Color In was inspired by Polaroid’s famous rainbow colour logo, embodying spring optimism and elegance, focusing on the distinctive blue, green, yellow, orange and red rainbow from the creative brand. 

A technicolour capsule collection that is about changing perspective, putting your best foot forward, seeing life through unfiltered, close-up, wide-angle rose-tinted glasses and living in the present. It’s a chance to make a fresh start, to redial and rethink the landscape to get ready to make new memories. “Let’s live in the here and now”.

With its retro-modern vibes, the Lacoste x Polaroid collection brings together vibrant colours and the inclusive spirit with bold, block-colour backgrounds on classic polos and hoodies, while polo dresses and shirts in oversized stripes make for a supercharged silhouette that stands out.

Accessories also feature the full-colour treatment, as white sneakers get subtle colour-flash accents, tennis shoes go rainbow-striped, and caps, watches and backpacks are a concentration of high-energy sporty style. Look carefully and you’ll see the crocodile has taken center stage with the pièce de résistance – a limited-edition Polaroid 600 instant camera. 

For Lacoste Live, Unisex Loose Fit Cotton T-shirts framed by five coloured Polaroids, the green brings a mischievous look they come in two colours grey chine and white; Unisex Tracksuit pants in yellow/black and blue/black adorned with a unique print made up of archive images; Unisex Zip Jacket featuring print images from the archives, it is equipped with an adjustable hood, elasticized sleeve ends and zip front pockets in yellow/black; and Unisex Loose Fit Sweatshirt adorned with an oversized crocodile print framed by five colourful Polaroids in grey chine. 

The collection is now available online and is reaching Lacoste boutiques all across Canada.