Why Did Lana Del Rey Tour Manager Quit Suddenly?

Lana Del Rey’s Coachella performance on April 13 was a standout moment, but behind the scenes, there was alleged drama involving her tour manager. As mentioned by US Weekly, Del Rey delivered a stellar set at the music festival’s first weekend, thanking her collaborators such as Billie Eilish, Jack Antonoff, and Jon Batiste, as well as her band members and the entire team that contributed to her stage show’s success.

Lana Del Rey Coachella

However, the celebration was tempered by Del Rey’s public criticism of her former tour manager, who reportedly quit without notice after 15 years of service. Del Rey’s Instagram post on April 17 hinted at the reasons for his departure, alleging that he was upset about her receiving ten bikes for free from stunt coordinator Wally Crowder. She also mentioned that he had suddenly decided he was more suited to being a stage designer than a tour manager.


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While Del Rey didn’t name the tour manager directly, she addressed him as “Pete” in her post, expressing disappointment at not receiving a phone call and acknowledging that such a long partnership deserved better closure.

Despite this setback, Del Rey expressed gratitude for the years of collaboration but made it clear that she and her team had managed to put together a headlining set for Coachella‘s first weekend without undue stress.

Who Stepped Up in Del Rey’s Tour Manager’s Absence?

In the absence of the former tour manager, Del Rey praised Emily Holt for stepping up and handling the responsibilities admirably. She also thanked her current managers, Ben and Ed, for their unwavering support and humor throughout her career, even when faced with nonsensical situations.

Lana Del Rey’s Coachella experience was a mix of triumph and behind-the-scenes upheaval, showcasing her resilience and gratitude towards her team while also addressing the challenges of managing unexpected departures in the music industry.

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