What is the inspiration behind “gg bb xx”?

Life & People

Concerts and tours finally happening is so exciting! What are you most excited for in a live performance?

music needs context! and concerts bring the music to life and bring everyone together. people crammed into a room with a unified spirit is a powerful thing.

How was it creating collaboration of music genres?

I’ve never known what genre we fall into or ever really felt like we belonged to certain corner of the music industry. so far we’ve made 4 albums and none of the sound the same. that’s something we’re really proud of.

What is something you hope the audience takes away from this album?

I just wanna help make peoples’ lives better by like 1%. if we can do that with our music, then that’s a win.

What do you miss most about live performances?

I miss seeing and hearing how much the music means to our people.

What is the secret behind being in a band? It’s fun and amazing, but not easy! 

We talk about everything no matter how difficult the conversations might be.

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