The 27th season of The Bachelor is almost ending, but it doesn’t seem like Bachelor Nation will have any more closure with the finale. After seeing the episode from last week, it is very clear that Zach has a favourite!

Bachelor Finale: Zach's Heart Is 'Yanked in 2 Directions' Pre-Proposal


The Bachelor finale began with Kaity Biggar and Gabi Elnicki as Zach Shallcross’ final two choices. After fantasy suite week, both women had concerns.

Zach had desired a “no sex” rule, so Gabi was concerned that he would have regretted sharing a bed with her in the dream suite. Katy was worried that Zach hadn’t spoken of love for her yet because she assumed that if he hadn’t, he didn’t want a future with her.

Gabi and Kaity will meet Zach’s family this week. Yet only one will actually receive a ring.

The Bachelor' Season Premiere: Exec on Zach Shallcross, Gabby, Rachel – The Hollywood Reporter


Zach Shallcross was taken straight out of The Bachelorette season 19 with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. With 30 ladies, a Griddy dance, and the most women eliminated in the first rose ceremony in 15 years, his season got off to a strong start.

After Zach caught COVID during this season, the first virtual rose ceremony was also a first for Bachelor Nation. The group date and his one-on-one with Charity were postponed due to his COVID issue, but Gabi’s shopping date gave us a great preview of what was to come.

Last week’s episode featured overnights in Krabi. Gabi and Kaity will this week meet Zach’s family, but the location of the finale is still unknown.

Looks like the finale will take place in a tropical location based on the midseason trailer. In addition, it appears as though Zach may have the better of things, given how uncertain Kaity and Gabi seem to be of him in the final episode trailer, according to ET Online.

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