Lessons 3: Outfits for a Creative Office

LESSONS: EPISODE 3 Outfits for a Creative Office. ?Thanks to CLUB MONACO and L'Intervalle, we can not only nail creative office style, but the cool thing is, these outfits are suitable for a vast array of occasions. Take notes and save time for your next outing.http://www.holrmagazine.com/lessons-episode-3-outfits-for-a-creative-office/

Posted by HOLR Magazine on Saturday, March 10, 2018

Model Sarah Camaano owns the room while modelling 3 different outfits we can’t help but envy over.


In this episode, Club Monaco and L’Intervalle are paired together to create 3 stunning outfits that are perfect for a creative office space. While we went through the process and styled the different looks, it was clear that what is reflective of creative office style is also suitable for many different scenarios. Having these outfit formulas nailed down will save you time when choosing an outfit for girls night, patio drinks, a day of shopping and even a family function.


Check below for the editorial images:


Aryah Pant and Top


Gemma Shoes


Taisie top / Janaiya heel


Martina heel



Abbygail Dress


Farrah Heel


Stay Tuned for more Lessons videos, ciao for now.

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