Emily Berry is taking the entertainment industry by storm! HOLR is chatting with the talented actress about how she got her start, her latest projects, and what’s next for the star!

Emily Berry has an expansive and impressive resume within the entertainment industry! The talented actress is taking the industry by storm with her latest project, “The Consultant” which premiered on Amazon Prime earlier this year. Berry starred as ‘Dana’ opposite acclaimed actor Christoph Waltz in the dark comedy and is telling HOLR all about it.

Check out our full conversation with acclaimed actress Emily Berry, below, to learn about how she got her start, some of her favorite roles to date, and her future goals.

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Talk to us about how you got your start as an actress.

Hi there! The first seed was planted when my parents took me to see Oliver! the musical at 7 years old. I couldn’t believe my eyes. These people were on a stage, playing dress up and singing songs, together, in front of an audience! I had never seen such a thing. I fell in love with the whimsical nature of musicals. The next year, I got involved in the community theatre in my little hometown of Jacksonville, IL. Musical Theatre was my major in college (Millikin University, Decatur IL) and It was there that I gained an appreciation for plays as well, studying and performing both comedic and dramatic works. After graduation, I moved to Chicago and started auditioning for everything I could. In those 3+ years, I landed a couple of commercials, earning me my SAG card in 1997. The job that actually made me a SAG member was a commercial for MCI Worldcom alongside NBA legend Michael Jordan. I moved to Los Angeles the following year.
It took a while to connect the dots of LA living and balancing the day job/actor job life. Long story short, I sang in the shower until my big break really came about ten years ago when, in the same week, I booked both my first national commercial (Geico) and my first network costar (Grey’s Anatomy). I’m blessed to have been working consistently in both tv & commercials since then and embracing my Late Bloomer status with open arms!

Can you tell us about your latest project, “The Consultant,” which just premiered on Amazon Prime?

Yes! It’s a psychological thriller based in a modern workplace, starring the remarkable Christoph Waltz as our series lead ‘Regus Patoff.’ The show is unlike anything else you’ve seen before! In the pilot episode, there is a kerfuffle at CompWare (the digital gaming design company where most of our cast is employed). Waltz’s character shows up to ‘consult’ our company in the aftermath of an aforementioned kerfuffle. But his management methods are somewhat questionable. My character, Dana, is the accidental assistant to Patoff. She is a middle-aged mom, a kind of “everywoman.” The younger employees of CompWare are mostly concerned about climbing the corporate ladder and figuring out who Patoff really is, whereas Dana’s goals are more traditional. She just wants to keep her job so she can support her family.

You have an impressive resume- what are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on to date?

Working on The Consultant and having scenes with Christoph Waltz is definitely a career highlight!
In the series “‘Transparent” I played a nurse for Kathryn Hahn’s character. What a master class! She was so welcoming and fun, yet focused and did her job like a pro. She blends comedy with heart like no other and it was such a wonderful lesson to watch her.
Also, that first network national commercial I mentioned before, for Geico Insurance, was with actor Rizwan Manji (Schitt’s Creek, Outsourced, Perfect Harmony, and more). He was an absolute blast to work with. He’s kind, down to earth, supportive & SO funny!! He also had great showbiz advice and encouragement.
emily berry

Photo credit: Photographer: Ryan West Hair Stylist: Sarah Latchford Makeup Artist: Stephen Moleski Wardrobe Stylist: Caroline Fogarty

Are there any specific roles you particularly love playing?

Honestly, I fall a bit in love with all my roles, but the ones I hold dear are the ones that make people laugh the most. It’s come to my attention that my cornball sense of humor is my true gift, so I love it when I get to do that.
My role in “The Consultant” was great because not only did I get to bring some comedy to the table, I was able to do it in more than just one or 2 episodes! In commercials and guest star roles, you are only on set for a day or two. Through “Dana,” I had the opportunity to really get to know people, have a sense of community, and feel like I was an important piece of the puzzle we were all putting together.

What are some future goals and accomplishments you hope to achieve in the industry?

Honestly, I mostly hope to keep working into my old age! But if we are dreaming big, I’d love to work as a series regular on a TV show that allows me to do theatre in NYC when on hiatus. I love telling stories about other people’s life journeys because it helps us feel connected to each other and less alone in our experiences. I just hope to do more of it.
WAIT…I’d also REALLY love to play Mrs. Claus in a Christmas movie.

What’s next for you?

Well, commercials have shown me a lot of love in the past couple of years. Most recently, I have two commercials about to roll onto your TVs and devices any day now! (Keep your eyes peeled for me eating a sandwich in one spot and getting a mortgage in the other.) Until then, I am self-taping my TV/film auditions and looking forward to the next creative adventure.

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