During this new and challenging time, as entrepreneurs, we must rise and be the leaders we were born to be.  I am maintaining social distancing and following the self-isolation protocol to lead by example and do my part to help flatten the curve.  Our goal, as a global community, is keeping ourselves safe and be mindful of the safety of those around us.  


Lead By Example

As leaders, we have a responsibility to be proactive in the face of adversity. Taking a proactive approach ensures empowered decisions get made versus reactive decisions born out of fear.  By taking the time to slow down and remain calm, we will be able to make comprehensive rational decisions.

Level Up Your Business Offering 

During this time of self-isolation, I am reflecting upon my current business offering and brainstorming how to level up my services for my valued clients.  It is not the time to start a new project as there is no way to tell how it will perform in the market. Take this time to examine successful practices, services, and products.  Think about how you can creatively evolve to provide greater value to your clients. 

We have an opportunity to be introspective and approach tasks with purpose, drive, and positivity.  Lead your team by injecting love and joy into your business, as your energy has a ripple effect on your immediate circle and the world at large.  For example, create a zoom-video call happy hour meet up with your employees, at least once a week, to laugh and connect.

Keep Your Day Focused & On Track 

Your morning routine sets your tone and mindset for your day.  Being kind to yourself is being kind to others as you will elevate your vibration and remain energized throughout the day.  I have continued my daily routine through self-isolation, as taking care of my mind and body allows me to show up and be the best version of myself for the people I serve.  

  1. I wake up at the same time I usually would. 
  2. The first thing I do is make my bed and brush my teeth.
  3. I drink water with two drops each of Green Mandarin, Grapefruit, and Wild Orange dōTERRA essential oils from my stainless steel bottle that I put in the fridge the night before.
  4. Gratitude Practice: I spend time with my Gratitude Journal, pull an affirmation card, pray, and meditate to set my intentions for the day. If you need a little help, follow my friends @lovepowerco. They are generously gifting digital affirmation box sets to support positive mental states and promote spreading love.  
  5. I move my body every single day, whether it’s an at-home F45, Beach Body workout, or Yoga.  It is so important for your mind to get your blood flowing daily. Enjoy the free options now available through Power Yoga Canada. They are currently offering free live stream yoga six times a day to encourage body movement and sharp mental focus. 
  6. Shower + Change into a “work from home” outfit. It is easy right now to stay in your pj’s all day, but you will feel more productive when you are fresh and in something that makes you feel like a boss 🙂 
  7. To adjust to the new work-life situation at hand, set up a home office.  Create a designated workspace in your home – not the couch or your bedroom!  Set up everything you will need to work and leave it there if you can. 
  8.  Diffuse + Stay Hydrated: Diffusing essential oils are so powerful as they have the ability to alter our mindset, create a desired atmosphere, and help to ease your mind.  I recommend creating two blends, one for work and one for relaxing. Download my free diffuser guide and follow @shae.and.co for ideas. Always keep water at arm’s length to drink throughout the day.
  9. Tackle Your Top 3: Write down your three major tasks for the week and your top three priorities for the day to stay on track each week.
  10. Remember to take breaks periodically and go outside to get fresh air.  Clear your mind, refresh, and reset.

 Share Content with Love and Kindness 

Now is not the time to be silent. In self-isolation, we need to take care of our bodies, check-in with loved ones, have virtual meetups (wine and cheese!), and focus on leveling up our businesses.  Take this time to work on your business rather than in your business. Create content that will serve your clients with love and provide value. Share your content often as it will help you stay connected, productive, and focused on the positive steps you are taking.  Embrace the stillness by opening your mind and body to do something new for yourself. Consider taking that online course that you’ve put off, learning a new recipe to cook, doing a body detox, cleaning out your closet, reorganizing your home, cleaning up the clutter in your phone – deleting unneeded photos and apps, @unrollme to unsubscribe from emails. There are countless things you can do for YOU! Allow your mind to wander, create, absorb, and grow.  As I finish my online course and level up for my team, I feel strong and capable in this time of uncertainty in our new world.