Rebellion and freedom are threads that connect all the work from famed creative Japanese graphic artist VERDY.

His influences range from punk, skate culture, and life experiences blending to form a point of view that has made him one of the most beloved figures in streetwear. He’s best known for his projects Wasted Youth and Girls Don’t Cry. Each has its own distinct vibe: Wasted Youth, the meeting of punk and skate culture, and Girls Don’t Cry, a personal gift to his wife. What they have in common is a shared nod to authenticity — something core to Levi’s DNA since its inception.

Launching throughout the last week of October, this collaboration will have two drops: One through the lens of Wasted Youth and the other through Girls Don’t Cry. While each drop is unique, both share details including embroidery, co-branded patches, and custom co-branded hangtags.

Drop 1 from the collection is centred around Wasted Youth’s take on a utilitarian worker’s jacket. Those who know and love Levi’s jackets will find familiarity in this version, with its relaxed and easy fit. The jacket, which can be worn unisex, features an embroidered Wasted Youth logo on the chest and a tulip graphic on the back with a co-branded Levi’s x Wasted Youth logo design.

The campaign for Levi’s x VERDY — captured on a ranch in Los Angeles, California — speaks to the rebellious spirit seen throughout the collection. Drawing inspiration from old Levi’s ads, it tells the story of two strangers who instantly have a bond upon meeting and just like the collection, it has an attitude all its own.

Launching first from Levi’s x VERDY collection was Levi’s x Wasted Youth Workers Jacket, which was released on October 26th, 2021 on the Levi’s App.

The second drop, featuring the Levi’s x Girl’s Don’t Cry 701 Jeans, Corduroy Trucker Jacket, and Corduroy Overalls was released on October 28th, 2021 on the Levi’s App.