Couple on Sofa Watching BroadwayHD

Broadway is the pinnacle of high art and culture, and the best way to become an educated consumer is to see as many shows as possible. Broadway aficionados can’t always get to a Broadway theater, so they stay connected with BroadwayHD. BroadwayHD, a Netflix-like streaming service, makes becoming a Broadway theater connoisseur easier than ever. BroadwayHD introduces award-winning theater from all across the globe with both classic and modern productions. 

For the past decade, the elite streaming service BroadwayHD has been making Broadway accessible in subscribers’ homes, offering hundreds of full-length musicals and stage plays at their viewers’ convenience. Subscribers can expect to see the complete works of Shakespeare, and awe-inspiring performances from the world’s most outstanding musicals, including Kinky Boots, Cats, 42nd Street, She Loves Me, The Phantom of The Opera, The King and I, Sound of Music, and An American in Paris. 

BroadwayHD is the on-demand streaming destination for high-quality, professional video recordings with hundreds of Broadway and Broadway-caliber shows. This internet streaming service features filmed premium, full-length theatrical productions without commercial interruptions. BroadwayHD was launched in 2015 by Tony Award-winning theater producers Bonnie Comley and Stewart F. Lane. These Broadway insiders have curated a catalog of shows to meet the highest quality expectations of the most discerning culture connoisseur, adding new shows to their lineup each month.    

Subscribers can watch shows and support the sustainability of this art form from home. Since BroadwayHD’s launch in 2015, the average age of a Broadway ticket buyer has dropped for the first time since 2000, indicating that BroadwayHD positively impacts audience members booking tickets to live shows. In other words, by bringing theater to younger fans online, the younger theater fans are buying tickets to live stage shows. The formula is a win-win for the future health of Broadway. It also gives access to a global audience​ ​that may never have the opportunity to step inside a Broadway theater. Ensuring a vibrant and sustainable audience of ticket buyers is vital for the future of Broadway as an art form, so access to shows online is critical for a healthy industry. 

The definitive quiet luxury in the entertainment experience is having high art and culture home delivered. So brush up on your Shakespeare, or sing and dance to your favorite Broadway musicals in your living room or bedroom. Enjoy your Broadway favorites anytime, anywhere—binge on IOS, Android, AppleTV, Roku and Amazon Firestick. Become a culture vulture, Broadway connoisseur, theater fan, or super-educated consumer with the at-home convenience of BroadwayHD.   

Published by HOLR Magazine.