Allegedly, Meghan Markle is making an Instagram comeback in which she will supposedly make $1 million per post. HOLR is breaking down the rumor.

Accoridng to the below TikTok video posted by user @heyitscarlyrae, Meghan Markle is reportedly making a big Instagram comeback.


Breaking: #meghanmarkle looks to rejoin Instagram. Can make $1 million per post. #greenscreen #celebnews #royalnews #sussexroyal #fyp #princeharryandmeghan #meghanmarkleedit

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Meghan Markle Instagram

As noted in the TikTok video, Prince Harry and Markle’s joint Instagram page with over 9 million followers -@sussexroyals- was deactivated after the two took a step back from being Senior Royals. Since then, Markle has reportedly hired a new talent manager and is supposedly making a big Instagram comeback since she took a break 3 years ago.

There is an Instagram profile circulating online that is reportedly Markle’s, although the account has yet to be officially confirmed. If Markle decides to start posting again on Instagram, it is alleged that she could supposedly make over $1 million per post. As well, Markle was reportedly set to relaunch her Instagram page along with her podcast launch but allegedly decided to hold off.

What do you think- will Markle be making a comeback on Instagram?

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