The new year is just around the corner and it is time for the old “new year, new me” declaration.

Dreams of reinvention are a kindly side effect of the early aughts of a new year. But before you edit yourself, the best way to kick of 2018 might be with a fresh start to your wardrobe. This is the perfect time to explore a variety of daring new silhouettes and really spice up your closet.

So, get ready to switch up and revamp your style, because here is a guide that will get you started on your new look.

Make a Statement

Versace ⚡️ #irinashayk

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Just like this outfit from Donatella’s Gianni Versace tribute collection, making a statement with your look daring as it can be fun. A statement outfit may not come off as simple as it seems, but the best way to achieve this style is to not overthink how you look – the key is to always enjoy and be comfortable in your clothes.

Mix Your Colours

Colour blocking has been a trend since Yves Saint Laurent introduced the Mondrian dress where six cocktail dresses were inspired by the paintings of Piet Mondrian. Of course, the fad grew from the 1960s to the ‘90s (colour was surely a form of expression). If you are still matching your patterned tops with black bottoms, we urge you to step outside of that box and perhaps try a glowing yellow.

Wear Clothes That Make You Shine

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Shine as bright as your new year by incorporating sequences, sparkles and glitter to your style. If you ever thought that sparkles were not for you, then you just did not find the right article of clothing that suits your fashion. Whether it is a dress, a pair of shoes or a belt, wearing something flashy will make you stand out in the best ways possible. Sparkly accents will direct the eye exactly where you want it to go, and amp your attitude (work it!)

Add Jewellery

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Whether you are attending an elaborate event, or you are having a laid-back day, jewellery is the best way to lift your look. Rings, necklaces and earring of all shapes and sizes (chandeliers, beads, chokers, studs – you name it) are just the right accessories that will have your outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary. Like colour blocking, jewellery is an expression of you and regardless of your preference of style, you should always have fun with your choice. To make your new year look grand, be brave with your selection of accessories by mixing, matching and loading your pieces.

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