Change can be hard to deal with and adapt to. Only one question springs to mind during this period, how do we start over?

Produced by Rebecca Rashid and hosted by Olga Khazan, “How To Start Over” is for those of you who are stuck in life. Changing your life can be a difficult thing to do. Whether the change comes from something out of your control, or whether it’s something you are willing to do by choice. The road of modification can be overwhelming.

In this series, Khazan analyzes what it takes to change different aspects of life. This includes relationships, our work, and our perspective. How exactly do we start over? This is not the only question this podcast answers.

“How To Start Over” is a hand that will guide you to starting over in ways you want to or sometimes don’t want to. It tells you why change is so hard. Can change also be overrated?

Find out by listening to it here.

Published by: HOLR Magazine.