The Reviews Are In! HOLR Is Breaking Down The First Reactions To My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

A photo of the Portokalos family from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Credit: Focus Features/ Universal

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The Portokalos family is back on the big screen for the third installment of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’! Can this new film keep up with its predecessors? Well, the reviews are in, and they are quite divisive!

This film follows the Portokalos family to Greece after the patriarch of the family, Gus (played by the late Michael Constantine) has passed away. Gus’ last wish was for his family to visit his childhood village and reconnect with their greek roots and his past. Take a look at the official trailer!

With this film, you either love it or you hate it! The reviews are split; Rotten Tomatoes shows a rotten critics score of 28%, but a fresh audience score of 75%.

Considering that the money comes from the audience, this film may just be a hit! A verified reviewer for Rotten Tomatoes, Justin Lowe, said “It’s the best-crafted film in the series, thanks in part to Vardalos [who plays Toula] taking the reins as director.”

Most of those who gave negative reviews had a similar complaint that many of the jokes and themes were recycled from the previous two films, but to others, that’s what made it great.

Kevin Fallon’s review says, “Sure, the film recycles the franchise’s familiar jokes about vegetarianism, everyone being cousins, and pulling your neck tight for photos. But each one made me feel warmer than the one before, like eating through the layers of an amazing spanakopita.”

The film debuted in third place at the weekend domestic box office, which is definitely a hit against the movie. What do you think? Does this franchise still have legs, or should this be the last installment?

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